City of Insomnia: From the Kenyan Man

a) We found love somewhere in between the hues of the blues and the mud stain of earth. Your stormy eyes had a stealth of mystery embedded in the mountains of brown irises encasing the black abyss of your pupils. Diamonds radiated from the night of your skin when caught in the midst of sunlight. I had to grasp your fingertips just to see if I could get a feel of the universe in the palm of my hands. Even if only for a moment, I had to know what it felt like to be this close to a Goddess.

b) We stole this moment somewhere between the sun burning out and the wind of evening kissing us congratulations. The windows couldn’t house the joy of family at God’s union. You were now my Mrs. and I your Mr. Steadily you glanced in the direction of the falling sun pausing with a smirk turning your head quickly to the new born moon. Briefly, you closed your eyes and whispered, “May the future be promising”.

c) We welcomed our first living proof of our love somewhere in between the wails of your natural bodily pain and the cries of new life grasping air for the first time. 8lbs and 7 ounces rapidly searching all corners of the world with eyes to match your own and gently fumbling with arms and limbs as if directing an orchestra of melodies. She mirrored your beauty and possessed my eagerness to learn. Her name, Amira

d) We exchanged daggers of hate somewhere in between Amira’s left foot taking a stand and the right one taking a lead. Tensions brewed out of what I assumed a normal marriage’s occasional negativity. You did your normal routine gathering up the baby while birthing curses off the tips of your lips before leaving me speechless. When it was time to sleep my bed morphed into the couch but soon my sleep turned into sleep walking into the bedroom with you. The sun rising to our twisted limbs encased by our sheets and your slow moans the morning’s delight.

e) I found out it wasn’t enough somewhere in between breakfast and finding the door unlocked upon my arrival home. I sat down to watch TV. The evening’s news continued on until I realized how loud the house remained silent. The bedroom; draws opened and empty. Hangers dangling on the rod without purpose. I raced to Amira’s room to only feel the bird’s wings beating against the bone made cage within my chest falter.

f) You left without even a word.


So What’s a Chapbook?

So of course many of you who might be taking a peek at my blog have read plenty of books. But most people get confused when they here “chapbook”. Well a chapbook, which is preferably used by poets, consists of a small collection of your poems. The amount of pages should be no more than 40. Chapbooks general center around a specific theme that should correlate with the particular poems you pick to put in it. For my first chapbook, my theme was taken from Humans of New York Instagram page. Once I set up a theme I structured my poems to reflect the tone that you’d find on the HNY Instagram page. Many of my poems included the stories that you’d find on the HNY Instagram page.

Poets tend to publish chapbooks instead of a full-length book mostly due to it being the most inexpensive way to publish your own work and sell it. Through this method most people can be in control of who they sell to and how many they choose to make without the mess of finding publishers and publicists to do the work for you. It’s also a great way to make some money on the side or as proof to publishers that you have a well endured fan base that would consistently buy your books.

As for how your chapbook may look it can be hand made or on a computer. I prefer the hands on version because who doesn’t enjoy getting a little crafty? Typically you can create a saddle stitched pamphlet or magazine style. Click here for an example.DIY Chapbook


City of Insomnia: I am What I am

I am my mother’s night’s off sipping

Pinot Grigio in between Wendy William’s



I am my father’s piano waiting to sing on key

and I’m beginning to cough up dust.


I am my grandmother’s screenshotted memory

stuck in a crashed computer.


I am my step fathers light bill rising in the summer

as my childhood fear of the dark stays in the



I am my grandfather’s bald head;



If you haven’t clicked on to the About tab than let me introduce myself. My name is Yesenia Torres and I am a current senior at SUNY Oswego. This is my final semester and as one of my class projects I decided to create a blog. I am majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Creative Writing. My first love being creative writing made me think of starting to publish my poems publicly. So in turn, this website was born!

I will be publishing content about creating and self publishing your own works through a chapbook. I have created my own last year and the process was pretty simple. Overall, it is actually an enjoyable experience especially knowing you put your own words, photos and ideas into something you created yourself.

The second key content I will be publishing here is my own pieces. I have been writing poetry since high school. Once I found that I could make creative writing a minor I immediately took classes to help further my writing skills. Since taking my capstone course in poetry in the Spring of 2015 I have not written any poems. With that being said, this is my way to get motivated again and metaphorically throw out the “writer’s block” that has been controlling my mind since last year. I will be publishing new poems and old poems from my first chapbook, City of Insomnia, which entails poems related to my own life and others related to the lives depicted by the famous IG account, Humans of New York.

So here’s to great writing, motivation and a little push into becoming a self determined writer who can share with the world my own lessons and understandings of the writing world.

I hope you all enjoy and continue to check back for new blog posts!